3 alternatives to ROI in HR – Part 3

ROI is used more and more in HR when justifying or evaluating HR projects. But it has at the same time come under a lot of criticism for being too difficult to use in HR. The first alternative I suggested was another financial ratio – CROCI – which may be better due to its focus onContinue reading “3 alternatives to ROI in HR – Part 3”

ROI is not the answer in HR

ROI has become such a buzz-word for HR practitioners and not least for HR consultants.  You cannot read an article, a book or a blog about HR without it being there somewhere. It has become the holy grail; If the consultants can show that their service has a high ROI they can sell more. ForContinue reading “ROI is not the answer in HR”

HR analytics: Don’t think for a minute that data or information change behavior. Knowledge does.

HR analytics promise to give HR better data so they can make better decisions. And who would disagree? If you don’t know your levels of, say, talent turnover, how do you know if you have a problem, which of your current programs work and which don’t etc. In other words, with no or poor dataContinue reading “HR analytics: Don’t think for a minute that data or information change behavior. Knowledge does.”

5 things to avoid when measuring HR

Measuring HR is important because it is the only way to make HR more effective and efficient. The only way! It does a lot of other things too – such as creating an objective tool to making better investment decisions and it makes HR more credible as a strategic partner for the rest of theContinue reading “5 things to avoid when measuring HR”

The most important argument for Human Capital ROI

I sometimes get asked; why measure Human Capital ROI? This is simple; to be more efficient and more effective and ultimately to add more value. Unlike any other asset, people have the potential to add value on an exponential scale. For HR to optimise its value creation, it must master two things: doing the rightContinue reading “The most important argument for Human Capital ROI”

5 ways to improve the ROI on Talent Management

Lets face it – most companies don’t measure ROI on their Talent Management programs. Perhaps this is because they don’t know how to, that they know the result will be scary (very negative) or just because they don’t believe in measuring HR. For whatever reason, they are starting from way behind the starting line. ROIContinue reading “5 ways to improve the ROI on Talent Management”

Why most succession plans don’t add any value

At its very core, the problem is that most succession plans are never used. And if not used, it is hardly a controversial to say, that they don’t add value. Many large international companies spend much time and resources on developing a complete success planning program, which intends to identify a person who will takeContinue reading “Why most succession plans don’t add any value”

HR due diligence just got a lot harder

 M&A due diligence is important. Very important. Dependent on which study you read, 60%-85% of all mergers and take-overs do not deliver the financial and/or strategic benefit it was expected. The due diligence process is supposed to assess if the deal makes strategic and financial sense AND if the two companies together can execute theContinue reading “HR due diligence just got a lot harder”