Prediction: The HR specialist will be back

The HR Partner role (the HR generalist) is very much in vogue.  Everywhere I look (here in Northern Europe) this model is being applied. In fact, over the last five years the title “HR Partner” has probably received a bit of a mini-revival again. It is cool to be a HR Partner theses days. TheContinue reading “Prediction: The HR specialist will be back”

There is no best Talent Management KPI

Imagine your CEO asks you to come up with one KPI he can track to evaluate if your talent management program is successful. Which talent management KPI will you choose? The example may be hypothetical, but not unrealistic.  I know HR executives who have five or seven KPI’s which they discuss with their CEO onceContinue reading “There is no best Talent Management KPI”

Let Hell Week inspire your recruitment process

The “war for talent” has made many companies change their recruitment processes and practically beg talents to come and join their company. The processes have been made as friendly, warm and inviting as possible partly to signal that it is a friendly and open company (nothing wrong with that) but also to convince talented peopleContinue reading “Let Hell Week inspire your recruitment process”

The best definition of talent for your talent management program

What is a talent? Is it only Einstein and Mozart who are talents or are we all talents in our own special way? The way you define talent is important. Or worse, perhaps you haven’t explicitly thought about how you define it? Do not underestimate the influence of how you define things – it greatlyContinue reading “The best definition of talent for your talent management program”

The Top 5 Posts of 2012 from the ‘All About Human Capital’-Blog

It’s been a fantastic and fun year writing blog posts on this blog and in honor of the New Year, I’d like to share the most popular posts to my readers over the past year. Here are the top 10 posts in terms of views and re-tweets from this blog for 2012, enjoy: 5: TheContinue reading “The Top 5 Posts of 2012 from the ‘All About Human Capital’-Blog”

Top 5 Talent Management KPI’s

I was reading an excellent White Paper by among others Jeff Higgins from Human Capital Management Institute which is called “Top Five Metrics for Workforce Analytics“. The White Paper lists five metrics of which one of them is an index they call ‘Talent Management Index’ – something which alerts me when I read it. WhileContinue reading “Top 5 Talent Management KPI’s”

Why you should also track effort in your performance management system

John Wooden was arguably one of the best coaches in sports history. He won the NCAA championship ten times in 12 years – seven of which were in a row. Not only that, he was also a fantastic player and he is the only person ever to be named basketball All-American both as a playerContinue reading “Why you should also track effort in your performance management system”

5 myths about the hardest thing when measuring ROI on HR

Measuring ROI on HR is not difficult. In fact, with some training anyone can master this. If you know how to do it right, it is really all about planning, persistence and probabilities. However, at (at least) one point during the process, you will be left with a question which goes something like this: “HowContinue reading “5 myths about the hardest thing when measuring ROI on HR”

Talent assessment – don’t make the X-factor mistake

Talent assessment is the cornerstone in any talent management program. The idea is – to power phrase Jim Collins – “to get the right people on the bus and put them in the right seats”. Well, before you can do that, you need to figure out who the right people is. Right? That is essentiallyContinue reading “Talent assessment – don’t make the X-factor mistake”

The ultimate definition of Human Capital

If you Google “definition of Human Capital” you will be surprised and overwhelmed. It is a vast and contradictory  amount of definitions you will get. And frankly not very helpful as they don’t explain exactly what it is. For example, if you look at Wikipedia under ‘Human Capital Management’ you will find that it redirectsContinue reading “The ultimate definition of Human Capital”