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Talent Management processes are still not good enough

I have just read a research bulletin from Bersin & Associates from 2009. They conclude in a survey that 40% of companies have talent management processes at ‘a novice stage’, 40% at ‘an intermediate stage’ and 5% at ‘an advanced stage’ with 15% not having any talent management processes at all.

Bersin & Associates prefers to focus on the fact that it is an improvement from 2008. I look at the numbers and think to myself how many organisations still don’t make talent management the strategic priority it deserves. Actually I don’t believe most organisations really understand this gap. My own experience is that most organisations are in a worst state – talent management wise – than they think. I have met several companies that describe their processes with some pride although they are evidently below par. I believe that many will be forced to reconsider their talent management program once ‘the war for talent’ intensifies in one or two years from now.

Interesting Bersin also conclude that European companies generally have higher levels of maturity than do U.S. and Asia-Pacific firms. In our research, we have found European companies to be very sophisticated in their talent processes. This is a surprise to me – I would have thought it was the other way around.

02/05/2011 at 16:22 3 comments

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