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The field of Change Management is constantly on the move. To keep you updated on the latest research, I collect 10-12 prominent resources every month. Enjoy.

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January: The 13 best Change Management resources

“The only constant is change”. This quote from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is more true than ever. This is truly an amazing time. I have a feeling that the worst about the Covid-19 will be behind us come August, but how we work and how businesses will change going forward is difficult to foresee. But change will come. So, it is ever more important that we keep abreast of new knowledge that can help us support the changes. That we become true facilitators of change in our organisation.

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December: The 11 best Change Management articles, videos and podcasts

What a year it has been. When we entered 2020, none of us expected change to accelerate quite as dramatic as it did, that the level of uncertainty would skyrocket (thereby making clear communication a must), or that how we must do change management also would change. I love change, but I hope that 2021 will be less eventful.

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November: The 13 best Change Management articles, videos and podcasts

November has seen many great articles, and many of them have been about effective management of change in a hybrid or remote workplace. Naturally. How do we use change management to work effectively at home? How do we give feedback effectively remotely? Who should we pay extra attention to when we work with safety in a Covid-19 world? How do we foster purpose? All these questions are answered in the articles, podcasts and video I have selected in November.

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October: The 17 best Change Management articles, videos and podcasts

Change Management resources are getting better and better. There are more of them. They cover a broader range of topics. They are more aligned with current affairs and less generic. Indeed, there has never been a better time to ‘get nerdy’ about Change Management. Why is this happening now? I don’t know. But I love it. Change Management is a broad field, and this month’s edition is a reflection of that.Continue reading “October: The 17 best Change Management articles, videos and podcasts”

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September: The 14 best Change Management articles, podcasts, and videos

Many of this month’s articles focus on the effects of Covid-19 and New Ways of Working; how do employees feel like working from home, how to reignite purpose, how to deliver training in the future, how to embrace agility in the future etc. But that is not the only challenge we face. How we do change management in this new environment is also completely changing.

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August: The 11 best Change Management articles, podcasts, and videos

August is normally a ‘back to work’-month. We normally return to something we know well. But nothing is normal this year. Actually, we are looking for a new normal. Covid-19 is the biggest disruption, we have seen for many centuries. It has been an instant burning platform, and all people on the planet have gone through a change. Change management seems more important now than ever. The articles below are a testament to that.


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