Why evidence-based HR is critical to success and how to get started

I am huge fan of HR Data & Analytics and I have had the privilege of working with it for many years now. However, it is important to remember one thing; HR Analytics is only a mean to and end; one tool and one mean to better HR. I talked about exactly that at HumanContinue reading “Why evidence-based HR is critical to success and how to get started”

Storytelling is nothing without a proper theory – here’s why

Storytelling is rightly hailed as a must-have competence in people analytics. In my own competency model, it is one of the six core competencies any analytics team must have. Other models do the same. Compelling arguments are being made about the value of good storytelling. In other words; master it or beat it. So don’tContinue reading “Storytelling is nothing without a proper theory – here’s why”

Six must-have competencies in a world-class analytics team

Succeeding with workforce analytics is difficult. It requires a mix of skills not found in one person only, and you should not assume, that you can do it on your own. We are all decent at most things but really only good in a few. You should therefore assemble a team, which has a multipleContinue reading “Six must-have competencies in a world-class analytics team”

Should HR introduce quota for men?

HR is primarily staffed by women. That is a fact. Whichever way you look at it, when you call HR you will most likely speak to a woman. HR is best described as a 47 year old white woman. Some have called it a “pink-collar ghetto”. In my last blog, I asked why there areContinue reading “Should HR introduce quota for men?”

Why are there so many women in HR?

I know that I am probably heading into dangerous waters by asking this question; but why are there so many women in HR and what – if any – are the consequences? In US as well as Europe, HR is totally dominated by women. In US the number is close to 70%; 71% of HRContinue reading “Why are there so many women in HR?”

Prediction: The HR specialist will be back

The HR Partner role (the HR generalist) is very much in vogue.  Everywhere I look (here in Northern Europe) this model is being applied. In fact, over the last five years the title “HR Partner” has probably received a bit of a mini-revival again. It is cool to be a HR Partner theses days. TheContinue reading “Prediction: The HR specialist will be back”

Be careful with the sports metaphor – also in HR

Leading a company or managing a team in an organization is not like coaching a soccer or a basketball team. It’s not. There are some similarities – such as how to motivate, coach, prepare and celebrate successes – but even in those cases you should be careful. The metaphor of sports can limit you asContinue reading “Be careful with the sports metaphor – also in HR”

In defense of HR Best Practice

The concept of ‘best practice’ is so yesterday. So I am told. Although I fully understand where the critics are coming from, I think they are too negative on the concept. Let me expand… Yes, ‘best practice’ has come under some criticism lately and quite frankly also with some justification. It is impossible to goContinue reading “In defense of HR Best Practice”

Let Hell Week inspire your recruitment process

The “war for talent” has made many companies change their recruitment processes and practically beg talents to come and join their company. The processes have been made as friendly, warm and inviting as possible partly to signal that it is a friendly and open company (nothing wrong with that) but also to convince talented peopleContinue reading “Let Hell Week inspire your recruitment process”

The paradox of HR

HR represents something of a paradox. On the one hand, management gurus suggest that HR should be central to the strategic thinking in most organisations. Jack Welsh – former CEO of GE – suggests that the HR executive should be hierarchically second only to the CEO, and at least on a level with the CFO.Continue reading “The paradox of HR”

HR should measure against the pacebo effect – you will be surprised…

I believe HR can learn a lot from psychology – not just in terms of how to develop and manage people but also how to think about its own existence, which activities to do and approach to take. For example, I have recently argued that the concept of cognitive dissonance could make us understand whyContinue reading “HR should measure against the pacebo effect – you will be surprised…”

Does HR kill innovation?

Forbes has just published an article called “Why does HR too often kill innovation?“. The thrust of the article is that whenever a line-manager has a great idea and wants to try it out, HR kills it through silly processes and requests seemingly because  HR “tend to treat experiments with considerable distaste” because they “wantContinue reading “Does HR kill innovation?”