Why are there so many women in HR?

I know that I am probably heading into dangerous waters by asking this question; but why are there so many women in HR and what – if any – are the consequences? In US as well as Europe, HR is totally dominated by women. In US the number is close to 70%; 71% of HRContinue reading “Why are there so many women in HR?”

Prediction #2: HR will outsource a lot more

My second prediction – in this series of five predictions for where HR is moving (se #1 here) – I predict that HR will outsource a lot more in the future. A lot more. There are three primary drivers for this: Technology will make new solutions possible by vendors. Technology will be a major driverContinue reading “Prediction #2: HR will outsource a lot more”

The number one reason why HR is still an art

Is HR a science or an art? You might think that with the advent of Workforce Analytics, Performance Management, tests in recruitment, ROI measurement and much more that HR is becoming more of a science than an art. I am afraid not! One of the problems is that HR fundamentally is based on studies doneContinue reading “The number one reason why HR is still an art”

Prediction: The HR specialist will be back

The HR Partner role (the HR generalist) is very much in vogue.  Everywhere I look (here in Northern Europe) this model is being applied. In fact, over the last five years the title “HR Partner” has probably received a bit of a mini-revival again. It is cool to be a HR Partner theses days. TheContinue reading “Prediction: The HR specialist will be back”

A HR tribute to Kierkegaard

Today is the 200th birthday of Søren Aabye Kierkegaard – the Danish thinker and philosopher. Kierkegaard is probably best known as the first existentialist philosopher and as a religious writer but he was also a critical writer within psychology, moral and ethics. He wrote of many Freudian concepts long before Freud was even born. KierkegaardContinue reading “A HR tribute to Kierkegaard”

Don’t go to a job interview at 11am

If you could choose the time of day to go to a job interview what time would you pick? Before you answer, let me just warn you; the time you pick may impact your chance of getting the job. My advice is that you pick a time early in the morning or right after theContinue reading “Don’t go to a job interview at 11am”

The number one problem with ROI in HR (and other such metrics)

I am convinced that ROI can offer significant value to HR. ROI can make HR better by making better investment decisions and improve evaluation of activities. Also ROI can show how HR adds shareholder value. In theory at least. Because ROI has a lot of problems. The number one problem is that ROI calculations areContinue reading “The number one problem with ROI in HR (and other such metrics)”

There is no best Talent Management KPI

Imagine your CEO asks you to come up with one KPI he can track to evaluate if your talent management program is successful. Which talent management KPI will you choose? The example may be hypothetical, but not unrealistic.  I know HR executives who have five or seven KPI’s which they discuss with their CEO onceContinue reading “There is no best Talent Management KPI”

To succeed with Big Data in HR – start small!

Big data is a big thing. It promises to revolutionize the way we do business. It also promises to change the face of HR. Big Data will firmly put HR at the table . Or that is the promise at least. But as with anything, it is easy to promise and quite harder to deliver.Continue reading “To succeed with Big Data in HR – start small!”

Be careful with the sports metaphor – also in HR

Leading a company or managing a team in an organization is not like coaching a soccer or a basketball team. It’s not. There are some similarities – such as how to motivate, coach, prepare and celebrate successes – but even in those cases you should be careful. The metaphor of sports can limit you asContinue reading “Be careful with the sports metaphor – also in HR”