“Change is hard. Let’s make it easy”

Morten Kamp Andersen

Morten Kamp Andersen

I help organisations and people change. I am passionate about individual change and believe that talent and human capital are the most significant levers for organisational productivity. I, therefore, advise, train, coach and work with national and international organisations with a primary focus on people, performance and culture.

I have two different backgrounds; The first is my financial background. I have previously worked as a financial analyst for over 11 years in London working for Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank. During my work assessing and valuing corporate strategies, I discovered that it was not the quality of the strategy, which decided a company’s success (and value). It was rather the companies that knew how to combine business strategy with a culture of talent and people engagement that repeatedly performed best. My second background is in psychology in which I have a university degree. I work as a consultant at proacteur  (www.proacteur.com) and consult to organisations about their Human Capital strategies.

My way of working is therefore characterised by both my backgrounds – a strong combination of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’.

Sounds interesting? I am always keen to be acquainted with new people that share my passion, so please feel free to connect on LinkedIn, email me at mka@proacteur.com and follow me on Twitter @MortenKamp


Morten Kamp Andersen mortenkampandersen@gmail.com

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