#18 Stop Searching for your Passion w/Terri Trespicio

What if I told you that you don’t need to find your “one and only passion” to have a meaningful life? We spend so much time trying to find our passion and make the right choices for our future. What if we just made choices based on what we would like to do in the present moment? 

In this episode of What Monkeys Do, I have invited Terri Trespicio, an award-winning writer, speaker and brand advisor. She is here to talk about why passion is overrated. Maybe all you need is a little bit of excitement in the moment.

Terri will talk about

  • Why life is not about picking one passion
  • Why life plans are useless. Tune in to the moment and make a choice based on what you want to do today. Remember, you are not supposed to do anything. 
  • How to use your stories to change the way you talk about yourself 

Are you too busy? Here are the key points

#1 Stop searching for your passion. We don’t follow our passion; our passion follows us. So, when we do something meaningful, something we love, something that makes us excited, then we find our passion(s).  

#2 Find your extraordinary moments. Terri defines passion as “The way you feel when you give something your energy and attention, and you feel it giving back to you”. 

So how do you find your passions? Identify moments in your life when you are in flow when time flies, and you’re having fun. What are you doing in those moments? Can you identify a pattern? Those extraordinary moments will lead you to understand what your passion is.

#3 Find your stories and articulate them in a compelling way. Terri is a writer and helps other people find their stories. She uses a method called the Gateless Writing Method to help people unlock their ‘creative geniuses’ and get their stories onto a piece of paper. These stories change the way you talk about yourself and what you do. 

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