#11 – 3 Ways to a good night’s sleep w/Vyga Kaufmann

A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a healthy mind and body. You compromise your sleep at your peril. But although we all know this, we live as if we have forgotten it. We have invited Vyga Kaufmann to this week’s episode of What Monkeys Do, to remind us just how vital sleep is to our mental and physical health and to tell us how to get the best possible sleep.

Vyga Kaufmann is a clinical psychologist. She specialises in cognitive behavioural approaches to the treatment of sleep issues as well as anxiety, depression, and work stress. She believes sleep is the most critical measure in the treatment of those disorders. Nevertheless, all changes you want to make in life depends on mental health and flexibility. And good night’s sleep is the foundation for both.

Vyga will talk about

  • 3 tips for you to sleep better tonight
  • The 4 stages of sleep. They increase your health and productivity, and most importantly, boost your mood
  • Disorders and sleep issues. If you suffer from a disorder, chances are that you have sleep issues too. Instead of only trying to treat the disorder, fix the sleep
  • Why the bed should only be a place for sleep and sex

Are you too busy? Here are the key points

In case you don’t have the time now, here are a few key takeaways from the episode. I hope it inspires you to listen to the full episode. 

#1 Sleep is important. Sleep is probably the most essential part of a healthy mind and body. It can help you if you are suffering from depression and anxiety. Nevertheless, as Vyga also said, we all benefit a lot from quality sleep – both in terms of our physical and mental health.

#2 You can improve the quality of your sleep with three simple advice; a) only use your bedroom for sleep and sex, b) make sure to get up at the same time each day – your body appreciates consistency, and c) find your sleep ritual to prepare your mind and body for sleep. Don’t expect that you can go straight from a busy day to switching the lights and sleeping.

#3 All other changes that you want to make in life depends on mental health and mental flexibility, and good sleep is the foundation for both.

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