#9 People want your energy – not your time w/Jim Loehr

You can spend hours doing something with no return. Maybe you were with your family for three hours, but all you could think about was tomorrow’s presentation at work. Or at yesterday’s meeting, where you were too tired to listen. You weren’t fully engaged. In this episode of What Monkeys Do, Jim Loehr talks about investing your energy – not time – in a meaningful way.

And how do you do that? If you ask Jim, purpose is the ultimate driver. If you find the right purpose, you are well off. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Jim Loehr is a world-renowned performance psychologist and has worked with hundreds of World Class performers. He will help us become fully engaged.

Jim will talk about

  • How to find the right purpose for your energy
  • How to build character by investing your energy meaningfully
  • The balance of moral and performance – how you achieve is more important than what you achieve
  • And finally, why you should find your old journal again and start writing

Are you too busy? Here are the key points

Are you too busy? Don’t worry, I have collected three key takeaways from the podcast. I hope it inspires you to go listen. 

#1 The biggest decision we can make is how we spend our energy. Jim talks about four levels of energy; physical energy, which can be high or low, emotional energy which can be positive or negative, mental energy which can be focused or unfocused and spiritual energy, which can give you meaning or not. Where you spend your energy will ultimately decision what person you become.

#2 Journaling is the most effective tool for making a change. Most of the decisions we make on how to spend our energy is automatic. And they are not always the best. If we want to change that, we must raise our awareness and journaling is so powerful to do that.  10 minutes each day for 150 days and you can make a real change. It is hard but it will pay off.

#3 Purpose is the ultimate driver. Jim talked about how important it is to find your purpose and make that your guiding star for all your changes – for all your decisions about where to spend your energy. Find out who you are, what your values are and make your purpose from there.

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