#5 – Let go of control: Do yoga for the mind w/Aisling and Trish

Psychological flexibility is key to change. And a crucial part of psychological flexibility is how to deal with your emotions. Know that you are not responsible for your emotions. But you are responsible for the way you choose to react to them. In this episode of What Monkeys Do, I have invited Trish and Aisling Leonard-Curtin to teach us how to let go of control and accept our unwanted emotions. Essentially, how to become more psychologically flexible. 

Being present, making meaningful towards-moves and accepting our emotions is essentially yoga for the mind; they help us become more flexible. Psychologically flexible. Aisling and Trish are experienced therapists and have written the excellent book “The Power of Small”. They will explain how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can help us move forward.

Aisling and Trish will talk about

  • Why you should stop trying to control what is in fact out of your control
  • The power of small. Leave your comfort zone once a day. Just don’t go too far. Instead, move into your Self-care zone
  • How to accept your unwanted thoughts and emotions – don’t blame yourself for having them
  • How to commit to the present and the Life Worth Fighting For

Are you too busy? Here are the key points

In case you don’t have the time now, here are a few key takeaways from the episode. I hope it inspires you to go listen to the episode.

#1 Flexibility is key. Change becomes easier when we are psychologically flexible. That means to stop worrying about the past and the future and to stay present in the moment. We must find a way to accept unwanted experiences and emotions. That’s what Trish and Aisling are here to help us with.

#2 Take small steps. We believe in the power of small. Don’t go all-in when trying to make a change. You should take small steps outside your comfort zone every day and let the experience guide you. And let the small step be withing your self-care Zone.

#3 Accept your emotions. We are often put in unwanted situations or experience unwanted emotions. But that’s just how it is. Accept your emotions; you can’t control them. What you can control is your reaction to them. Don’t let them hold you back.

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