Time for a change

I firmly believe that the success and value of a company lie in unlocking the creative and productive potential of the people within the organisation. That is why I have written blogs about People Analytics and Evidence-based HR for more than ten years. I don’t believe that we yet have the practice which unlocks this potential, and I have focused on Evidence-based HR to get to that goal.

Now my focus is shifting ever so slightly. I remain passionate about creating value from the people in the organisation, but my focus will now be change excellence as a mean to unlock this potential. Why? I believe that there is (significantly) more to gain – for employees as well as organisations – by improving how well we change from ‘just’ optimising HR processes. And the overlap is so considerable, that I only see it as a slight change of focus. It is still using data. It is always with evidence-based practice in mind.

My site will, as a consequence, change its name to ‘What Monkeys Do’. This is a cheesy headline, I know. It says that much of our behaviour in times of change is driven by our nature. But some of it is not. To find out how to manage and lead people in times of change, we need to understand the nature of man (and woman) and importantly, what we know works and does not work in change management.

I also have a new tagline: Breaking the Code of Change. This is inspired by the book from the year 2000 edited by Michael Beer and Nitin Nohria – two professors from Harvard Business School. In their book, they try to combine different perspectives on change. I will try to do the same.

So, stay tuned. I will be posting blogs – and many other things – here in the future.

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