A vision for HR

I was recently asked an interesting question by a friend about how the world looked like if my overall vision for HR was fulfilled. How, did he ask, would he be able to see the difference between now and the desired future.

My overall vision for HR is that I want HR to be totally business orientated, be the engine behind growth and innovation and get the credit it deserves for adding significant value to the business.

While I was thinking, I was reminded of a thought I had while I was working as an investment analyst in London.  Whenever a company presents itself to the financial community – and thereby their owners – it is always represented by its CEO and CFO. They would talk about strategy and numbers and argue why their company was best positioned for the future. I always felt that it was wrong that HR was not represented. HR is – our should be – much better placed to know and tell their owners how the future looks like. Also financially. Achieving the strategy and meeting the budget comes down to the behaviour of the people in the organization and the combined skills of the people. HR know about that – not the CFO.

So a tangible difference between now and my desired future would be, that companies in the future are represented by the CEO and CHCO (Chief Human Capital Officer) when communicating with their investors.

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