Welcome to my blog on Human Capital Management

Welcome to my blog about Human Capital Management – something I am passionate about. What is Human Capital? Other words could be; “The strategic framework for HR”, “The business focused HR”, “Putting value on people and competencies” or simply “Strategic HR”.

I don’t really care about what it is called or what the right definition is. To me what is important is that there is an added focus on aligning the HR strategy with the overall business strategy and evaluating and valuing HR initiatives. I believe that if an organisation get those two things right there is enormous value to be unlocked.

But today it is a sad fact that only a small percentage of companies get this and do it right. The HR director may sit at top level but in reality the impact on strategic decisions is limited. For the few where it does work the gain is great – that’s is why this is most often seen at market leaders. Why is it only a few that “get’s it”? Lack of knowledge? Lack of desire? Whatever the reason is, I want to use this blog to show the business case, to inspire others and to be inspired myself to make HR the most important business partner for the CEO.

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